q: Where is the Rivoli Ballroom?
Directly opposite Crofton Park overground station in Lewisham. Postcode SE4 2BY.
q: How much is it to get in?
£18 + agency booking fee for advance tickets. £20 on the door.
q: What about parking?
There’s no car park but on-street parking is available nearby.
q: Can I book the venue for my wedding/private party?
It’s not our venue. For venue enquiries please contact the ballroom direct on 020 8 692 5130.
q: Do you give ballroom dancing lessons?
No but each of our nights starts with a short jive class for beginners.
q: What should I wear? Do I need to dress up in 50’s clothes?
Period outfits are by no means essential, but please dress smartly, and wear clothes that are comfortable to dance in. It can get hot and gentlemen might consider bringing a change of shirt! Shoes – leather soled shoes are best. We don’t recommend gripping soles e.g. trainers. Nor do we recommend stiletto heels – bad for the floor, and bad for anyone whose foot you might stand on.
q: I am bringing a group of friends – can I reserve a table?
The smaller tables cannot be reserved. One or two of the larger tables may be reserved if you have a particularly large group attending. Speak to Graham on 020 8946 2664.
q: Do I need to book tickets in advance?
Yes. Tickets can be purchased online at Design My Night. We may sell unsold tickets on the door but this is not guaranteed.
q: Is there a bar?
Yes and on busier nights we will try to have 2 bars open. Please do not bring in your own drinks. This includes water. Water is available at the bar.
q: Are children allowed?
18 and over is the rule but we will listen to reason if you contact us in advance. Young children will not be admitted under any circumstances.
q: I can’t dance, does it matter?
No it doesn’t. Every evening starts with a Modern Jive class aimed at beginners. Come and join in. You’ll soon get the hang of it.
q: I dance lindyhop/jitterbug/swing. Is Jive Party for me?
Definitely, but bear in mind not all the music we play is swing-based. However,  the more swing dancing we see going on the more we’ll play.
q: I am a bit of a rock’n’roll purist. Am I going to have a good night or not?
You’ll have a great night if you’re fairly easy going about other styles of music too, as we do play a wide variety of music. Favourite track? Ask the DJ.
q: Do you really go on to 1am? Is it still busy later on?
Yes we do, and plenty of people stay, which makes our evenings great value for a night out and a live band.
q: What about security?
We employ a team of SIA licensed door supervisors.
q: Can you recommend bands for my private party?
We would be glad to do so. Just get in touch.
q: Who built your website?
a: I thought you’d never ask. This site is maintained by Togethernet Web Designers in Teddington.